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Saturday, November 24, 2007

What is authority?

Chris Garrett of, has posted in his own blog this intriguing question, "What is authority?" The concept is that "authority" occurs where personality, visibility and expertise overlap -- and you can never rest on your laurels -- in essence, authority is a continuous improvement process.

Within his blog forum (he offers consulting services and resources which I may use later), bloggers are invited to post their blogs and receive suggestions and critiques. One poster suggested that my picture should be elevated in position in the blog -- this change is easy to execute within the blogger framework.

Authority, of course is closely related to branding -- and branding (done right) creates additional value by creating confidence and security among potential users/purchasers. With lower sales costs, and higher confidence, your business margins improve (and as an extra element, you attract great people to work with you, creating a virtuous cycle.)

I'm still intrigued that not many AEC businesses are making effective use of the blog resource because, indeed, a successful blog can provide your business with both authority and credibility within your market niche.

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Sonny Lykos said...

Thanks, Mark. this is an excellent blog, and the discussion going on there is good - great comments. Of course you knew I had to put my 2¢ in there, and also signed up for his newsletter.