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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The big (construction marketing and sales) rock

This image evokes one of the biggest challenges we have in business, especially when we are trying to move a big construction marketing or sales project forward.  It can feel, at times, like you are trying to push a rock up a mountain.  This is especially the case if you are working alone and your assigned task is to get a "yes" from a senior, unknown people outside your scope of authority and responsibility.
Should you ever try to push rocks up mountains, alone?  In most cases, the reward is hardly worth the risk but there are times in life where this sort of super-human force is both possible and necessary.  We've heard stories of  small people lifting cars to save the life of someone they love and there are times in life where, with almost incredible energy and passion, we can break through some major barriers.

But usually, if you see a mountain ahead of you you should find a better way to solve the problem than rock-pushing.  Use your imagination.  There are other ways to get there.

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