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Friday, January 07, 2011

The video experiment -- broadcasting to an audience of one

Printed OCN

Yesterday, when I tried to sign into at 2:00 p.m., the system continuously bounced off.  At 2:00, I could see a few people (perhaps two or three) briefly visiting the stream site at before leaving.  I achieved the connection at 2:07 p.m. and began broadcasting to an audience of one:  Me, myself and I.

This may be fortunate because the presentation and image quality would hardly meet broadcast standards.  The resulting video is posted (at least for now) on the livestream site.  I'm not sure whether you see what I do when you click on the stored image -- a partial view of my book cover.

The image lighting continues to be terrible.  This in some respects (I think) will be the simplest problem to solve.  A proper video lighting kit is on its way by FedEx to my office and I will hopefully receive delivery in time for next week's practice.

The presentation quality will need much more work, however.  The ums, ashs, and rather imperfect timing (I really ran out of material long before the planned 30 minute show conclusion) would hardly earn me passing grades in a Broadcasting 101 course.

Regardless, I am persevering.  I've scheduled the next broadcast for next Thursday and you are most welcome to attend.  However, frankly, you probably won't be missing much, for now at least.

The contents of the working blog at are probably far more worthy of your attention.

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