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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Relationships and construction marketing -- A livestream video

This week's experimental livestream video broadcast (at 2 pm. est today, January 27, 2011) will focus on the meaning of "relationships" in marketing.  I'll explore some recent postings on the the importance of interpersonal relationships with current and potential clients -- and debunk some of the myths around relationship marketing and communications.

The broadcast continues an experimental series as I seek to master the techniques and technology of video broadcasts -- and even more challenging, live video.  The "podcast kit" arrived yesterday including a "mixer" and some microphones, headphones and cables (and a whole bunch of other little pieces).  Hopefully I'll have all of the pieces together in time for the broadcast.  My goal continues to work on this each week so that in six months the video productions will, indeed, be ready for prime time.

Until then, I am not widely announcing these broadcasts (this is the only place you will see publicity) so if you are ready to tolerate some technical and production glitches combined with presentation errors and goofs, feel free to tune in.  But if you decide you have other things to do during the show, that is fine with me as well.

You can tune into the livecast here:

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