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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Preparing for the 2011 Best Construction Blog competition

There are days when everything goes as planned, and then, well, there are the other sorts of days.

I had cleared some free time on New Years Day to set up the framework for a comprehensive new Construction Blogs resource on the new Construction Marketing Ideas blog site.  This initiative will allow bloggers to describe their blogs in much greater detail, include reference listings, and even provide direct feedback from visitors.

This morning I made (some) progress in setting the framework, but it isn't quite ready -- and of course the challenge will be finding the time to complete this work when business resumes full-scale in a couple of days.  The answer may be to contract the work (the rational solution for anyone trying things where we aren't true experts.)

In the meantime, of course, you can register your blog for the competition here and, while we are getting things in order, access the existing blog listings at their "old" page.

Maybe I'll have this solved by the end of the day today. . . maybe not.

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