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Sunday, January 02, 2011

An enhanced Construction Blog listing resource

Well, after several hours of frustration, I set up the framework for the new blog and directory listing service on the Wordpress version of this blog at

I will need a few days to transfer the existing blog listings to the new service.  As well, publishers will have the opportunity to enhance their listings with detailed descriptions and even a snapshot image.  Readers will be able to click through to the blog or send an email to the blog's owner.

As before, there is no cost for your qualified blogs to be listed.  While I certainly welcome reciprocating links, these are not necessary if you wish to obtain your free listing.  If you wish to pay for your listing, we'll put it first in the category and if you wish, you can include additional images.

However, of course, I have a few ground rules. Your blog must be actively maintained and updated with enough postings to provide real depth and it must relate directly to the architectural, engineering or construction community.  If I sense the blog is "manufactured" primarily for search engine optimization, I will invite you to pay for your listing.  These guidelines mean that all the postings are moderated.

You can present your blog listing at this link.

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