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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live video broadcast today: About public bidding and RFP opportunities

Today's experimental live video feed at 2 p.m. EST will focus on the real world behind bidding and RFP opportunities.  Sure, much work appears to be available this way, but the real world is stacked in favour of insiders.  How do you get on the inside?

You can view the Livestream video at

During the experimental broadcast, I invite you to call in on our special Skype broadcast line at 1 (919) 407-8842.  If I take your call during the show, you'll receive a free copy of my Construction Marketing Ideas book.

This blog entry is the only place I am announcing the broadcast (outside of the actual Livestream site).  This is because I am still learning the video broadcast technologies and the program won't be ready for prime time. 

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