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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The international perspective and construction marketing

This blog, of course, is read around the world -- and I've received book orders and communications from more than a dozen countries.  Does wisdom and advice about construction marketing written from an English North American perspective have value in other places (and conversely, can we learn something from other areas that we can apply in North America).

The answer of course is there are some universal human truths and one of these truths is we are all different but we tend to gather/clump in more-or-less homogeneous groups.  Outsiders therefore have trouble breaking into foreign cultures but when they can make that entry, they can enjoy spectacular success. 

If you are a marketer exploring expanding to another part of the world, you need to do your research carefully and learn about local nuances and service providers who can be trusted.  The latter can be a challenge because of course, if you aren't able to read the signals correctly, you can be scammed.

Conversely, while you may have your hands full in your local market, think about where you can gain an edge by understanding different cultures.  The obvious place to start would in developing relationships and connections with the immigrant community in your own area. 

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