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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AEC Blogs . . . continuing the search

My list of blogs relevant to the AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) sector is growing, but slowly. Here, for now, are the criteria:

  1. It is a genuine blog. “Genuine” may be a very subjective word, but I take it as a personalized form of communication, not an anonymous corporate site set up in blog format, and not of course some auto-generated thing spamming out auto-generated links;
  2. It is maintained with some frequency and reliability – Bernie Siben, for example, does this, if perhaps monthly. My perception is the value of the blog increases with the frequency of updating;
  3. It has some provision for two-way communication (reader response, comments and the like).
  4. It should be written by someone within the AEC sector – it can be outwardly directed, of course, to prospective clients. (In fact, from a marketing perspective, it should be reach out!)
  5. It should include content of independent value in its own right -- not just be a marketing or adveritising piece.

    So, in addition to Bernie's blog (and mine!) here is what we have right now:

Michael Stone's Markup and Profit (geared to smaller contractors, but well written);

A Daily Dose of Architecture , a New York-based architectural blog, and one more addition:

IMAGINiT (Rand) Architectural Solutions Blog

I'm rather surprised after two weeks of keeping my eyes open for other relevant blogs that I'm not finding more. (Of course bloggers like Bernie Siben and myself have our own 'favorites' list -- but these include many that tap into general or other issues that are outside the scope of this list; a general marketing blog, for example, is useful for anyone in the business of marketing, but it cannot be said to be an AEC-focused thing.) Thanks also to Ulrike Ruppelt at Ticular Market Access, who searched for blogs of possible relevance for this project.

The list will grow, I'm sure -- but right now this is what we have.

(If you know of other relevant blogs, please email or file a comment!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the search for "genuine" AEC blogs. They're hard to find but I expect that to change over the next few years.

As we find and link to each other, we're creating a valuable "community" for our readers.

Here is a link to mine -