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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Facilities manager blogs to consider

Urlike Ruppelt of Ticular Market Access has sent me references to a couple of facilities management blogs that could meet the criteria for relevance.

These are:

and, in San Francisco, representing the local chapter of the International Facility Management Association, this blog: While the site is local, "you might find an IFMA chapter blog in your area," Urlike writes to me.

I'm not sure yet whether to put the facilities management sector blogs within the core areas of this blog. Undoubtedly, facilities managers requisition and use many construction services both in the design and contracting elements so they may be seen as client-centered resources. If you can get credibility within these communities obviously your marketing will be more effective. In that aspect, then, they are relevant (the challenge is extending this concept -- clearly blogs from ALL client sectors are therefore also relevant!)

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