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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Construction Business Management --Nick Ganaway's book sent me one of its regular updates of books of relevance -- and included reference to Nick Ganaway's book on construction business management. New Internet tools (with the help of Google) allow us to sample some of the book's chapters online. Of course, I am interested in the chapter on sales and marketing, and that takes us here. (It is a truly long link -- if I post it directly it blows the blog's layout.).

Would I buy the book based on what I see here? Probably. You will see some basic common sense in the marketing advice section -- I especially like his simple guidelines for site signage -- though the chapters I previewed are written at a fairly elementary level for anyone who is a marketing specialist.

On another matter, I had my first email exchange with Seth Godin. He makes it clear (probably a template) that his response is off the record -- even for blogs! Fair enough. Why communicate with Seth? At one point, sometime or another, he might mention something on this blog on his blog -- and boom! -- there goes the traffic numbers.

I certainly welcome your email or comment if there are any construction marketing or general advice books for contractors you think are really good. You can email or use the comment function (anonymous comments are okay; though they are moderated to prevent spam attacks.)

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