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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blog List updated

I've moved to the top right of the page my listing of construction industry blogs. The decision of which blogs to include is subjective, but generally follows the principals outlined in this earlier post. It isn't a huge list. To be included:

  1. It is a genuine blog. “Genuine” may be a very subjective word, but I take it as a personalized form of communication, not an anonymous corporate site set up in blog format, and not of course some auto-generated thing spamming out auto-generated links;
  2. It is maintained with some frequency and reliability;
  3. It has some provision for two-way communication (reader response, comments and the like).
    It should be written by someone within the AEC sector – it can be outwardly directed, of course, to prospective clients. (In fact, from a marketing perspective, it should be reach out!)
  4. It should include content of independent value in its own right -- not just be a marketing or advertising piece.

The list will grow, but so far is impressively short.

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