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Saturday, April 07, 2007

What's popular?

One thing I enjoy since setting our bi-weekly newsletter with Constant Contact (you can sign up by clicking your email address in the box at the top of this blog) is the ability to measure statistics and see what the newsletter readers enjoy reading the most.

Of course, much of the newsletter's content originates with this blog, and it is unfair to engage in circular reasoning and quote from the newsletter from stuff quoted in the blog, but two articles from the newsletter and not published here previously stand out.

First, is my note on our system for hiring salespeople. It addresses a problem that challenges many employers. The solution outlined originally in an email sent to one of our clients probably won't apply 100 per cent to your business, but you will still find some useful ideas here.

Second, is entrepreneur Norm Brodsky's classic article in Inc. Magazine where he argues that employers should pay their sales representatives a salary and forgo commission compensation models. His point of view is provocative and I can assure you that the debate on this issue will not go away.

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