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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some good ideas from Brian Tracy

I'm on motivational guru Brian Tracy's email newsletter list. Today, his eletter has some incredibly useful pointers on relationship marketing -- absolutely vital in the AEC sector.

Here is part of his newsletter (maybe I'm violating copyright here, but I can't see him objecting!)

Keep Your Customers for Life
The single biggest mistake that causes salespeople to lose customers is taking those customers for granted. This is a form of “customer entropy.” It is when the salesperson relaxes his efforts and begins to ignore the customer. Almost 70 percent of customers who walked away from their existing suppliers later replied that they made the change primarily because of a lack of attention from the company. Once you have invested the time and made the efforts necessary to build a high-quality, trust-based relationship with your customer, you must maintain that relationship for the life of your business. You must never take it for granted.

Action Exercises

First, focus on building a high quality relationship with each customer by treating your customer so well that he comes back, buys again and refers you to his friends. Second, pay attention to your existing customers. Tell them you appreciate them. Look for ways to thank them and encourage them to come back and do business with you again."

You can subscribe to his newsletter by adding your name to this "refer a friend" form.

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