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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A realistic perspective about new media and blogging

This posting at will be way over your head if you have little familiarity with things like the "New Media", Web 2.0, Facebook, or the 'blogosphere'. But it is important for those of us who may be getting wrapped in the hype and exaggeration involved in the new technologies and communications methodologies.

I think the most interesting point of the writer here is that, properly applied, techniques such as blogging and social networking tools are very much the extension of conventional sales relationships; the two-way interaction and communication with a purpose. When we are engaged in a selling/purchasing relationship, done properly, it seems natural and realistic, almost as if we are friends (and we could very well be friends!) Marketing on the Internet now is bridging the gap between one-on-one face-to-face relationships and the 'other' marketing tools and resources such as broadcast and search engine marketing. Thus it is a truly powerful force.

If all of this seems like gobbledygook to you, a simple way of expressing these concepts is that online selling and marketing now isn't much different, when you think about it, from what happens offline. If your clients aren't 'there' yet, feel free to take a break -- if no one is around, you can shout, or whisper, and still no one will hear you. But there can be a time when -- again if it is natural to you and not forced -- you can stake out your position as a leader in the field; and that of course creates long-term competitive advantages for your business.

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