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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The blog thrives

Yesterday, this blog reported a record 121 visits and 294 page views with a somewhat incredible average 4.25 minutes per visit on the site.
Most of this 'traffic' of course is from the Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter, which we sent to slightly more than 1,800 readers yesterday. But I also noticed 25 referrals from Google keyword searching, and eight visits from a contractors' forum I had never heard about before yesterday. (I checked out the forum and joined it -- appreciating the positive comments from one of the posters about this blog; but sensed it may be a private and closed group; so am awaiting clearance from the forum participants before posting the link here.)
What does all of this mean? Certainly not (directly and in the short term) any money! But business -- and an intriguing network of connections and opportunities -- is surely following.
For example, if you take seriously the suggestions about construction industry consultants in previous blog entries, you will most likely obtain high level insights and knowledge -- without wasting your money.
Of course, one person emailed me yesterday to say: "I thought your newsletter would provide me with leads." He seemed to think we were charging money for the service and he wasn't getting anything in return. I directed him to the reasonably priced leads services, but warned him that these won't provide him with a magic solution. Fortunately, his response to my email indicates he is 'getting it' now.
Until now, I have avoided drafting a formal Mission Statement -- but (tentatively) here is the objective of this blog: "To provide insights and connections to individuals and businesses concerned about marketing to the AEC industry." I'll refine this in the weeks ahead.

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