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Monday, October 22, 2007

The pace of change

Today the issue of the SMPS Marketer with my article about blogging arrived in the mail. It took about a half year from writing the story to seeing it in print. Certainly, much has happened in that time but I'm satisfied the observations in my article about why blogging makes sense have stood the test of time.

This blog has helped our business in two rather important areas -- recruitment and sales. The sales are arriving from an increasing volume of leads and inquiries -- I count about 10 so far today -- largely because the blog and our websites are now achieving high Google keyword rankings.

Should you blog? Yes, if you are passionate about your subject matter, have the ability and authority to speak freely and you are willing to be patient. Blogging is, of course, instant publishing -- but it certainly does not lead to instant results. Nevertheless, with time and commitment, you will discover the truly satisfying rewards.
P.S. If you start and publish a blog relevant to marketing construction and related professional services, please let me know -- this blog will permalink (one way to your advantage) all relevant blogs we know about.

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