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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The world tomorrow

So this heading sounds like an old religious television program ... this Youtube video says something for the future of your marketing and the way the world will look in the years ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, though nothing new. What I got from that thread was that the Internet may be the best place to advertise now and in the future. To this I agree, and would have agreed back in 1998 when I began using the internet heavily as my number one means of business advertising.

Back in 1998 I registered various popular website addresses. I was not the trend setter for this however and wish now I had more money at the time to have registered more. I have websites that are top listed in google and yahoo for their intended keywords. I am now reworking my most popular websites specifically for WAP mobile users, so people can more easily find my web sites with their cell phones, PDA's and other mobile devices. I have a myspace webage for commercially promoting my business, though it's currently not doing well as most myspace users can care less about the services I offer. But I am there waiting and as those users grow up I will be in a positition to capture that market.

We don't know what is to come. We can only speculate, but one thing is for sure the Internet has revolutionized business and will continue to do so. It has made it so a small business, such as mine, can reach it's target audience, quicker, cheaper and better! Those three things do not often mix.

The only thing that I can hope is that I stay one step ahead of the masses as have been successful in doing so far. I think this is the only way to suceed for me, to stay dynamic, flexible and always one step ahead.