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Friday, October 05, 2007

Burning the feeds

I don't exactly know how Feedburner came into being, but this Google-owned business is helping to reshape the blog with its adaption of RSS feed capacity, and easier access to measuring tools and resources. I now have a clear indication of traffic, interest, and referrals, and it is interesting to see where and how the visitors are arriving.

Friday and the weekends are slower, of course, than weekdays (though things pick up a bit on Sunday). This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, so things will be a little quieter.

RSS feed capacity is relevant, of course, if you are updating your blog and/or website(s) frequently. The system may be useful as a supplement to email 'blasts' if for example, you are seeking sub trade bids, or you have an active project where you want a lot of people to know the details.

I respect that your time is precious -- and most construction businesses will find little reason to update their blogs or websites frequently. After all, the payback here is slow and may be difficult to measure at first.

But if you have an active blog and want to increase its effectiveness, you'll want to burn some RSS feeds!

Here, by the way, is a sampling of keywords used to find my blog today. I'm not sure how anyone got anywhere with the keyword "t" but there it is:

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