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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My favorites

General marketing and sales gurus

Jefferey Gitomer and Seth Godin. Jefferey's Sales Caffine e-letter is the best marketing/sales newsletter I've seen, and Seth's blog almost inevitably offers something useful. Sure they are promoting their books and speaking services, but you can read these resources and gain value without feeling any obligation or need to do further business with them (but of course you do)

Internet forum is great especially if you doing renovations, retail trade work, and the like. Lots of down-to-earth advice and insights from peers.

Construction and AEC marketing gurus

I like Michael Stone (for smaller residential contractors) and Bernie Siben (for architectural/engineering large contractor practices).

Social networking sites -- combines effective networking with a truly businesslike attitude. And it is free.


Look into the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and see if they have a local chapter in your area.

If you have your own favourites or recommendations, please feel free to share them with a comment or by email to

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