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Monday, October 29, 2007

Effective (inexpensive) CRM

Daniel Smith has introduced me to Highrise, a CRM/contact management program that does things at a cost much lower than others on the market.

It has some intriguing features, including an ability to automatically convert your outgoing emails into contacts (or to file your the copy of your communications in the appropriate file). The system is set up with collaborative and management resources, image and file storage capacities, and other things that seem worth far more than the modest monthly fee (which is zero if you wish to use it on a limited scale).

A few years ago, I paid several thousands of dollars to attempt to achieve what Daniel has in a matter of weeks -- give us some effective collaborative and co-ordination resources so we can effectively track and observe leads, clients, and previous customers, and communicate effectively with them and within our own organization.

These resources are essential if you wish to build a top-notch marketing system for your business. It is important to remember, however, that they do not replace your direct relationships with clients and, most importantly, your commitment to deliver your service with value and integrity.

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