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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The right way to use the consultants!

Sonny Lykos has posted a useful and valid comment to an earlier posting on Michael Gerber's services. You can read the original blog entry and his comments here:

I agree entirely with Sonny's respect for Gerber's essential point about the value of systematisation. But I equally agree with the amount Sonny paid for Gerber's material. Spending $80 is a whole lot better than $8,000 -- or more, which is how much you may pay Gerber for "coaching" and materials if you go all the way with his organization. (And you'll be getting the work of someone who is following Gerber's system for consulting, rather than his independent, creative thinking.)

My point with Gerber is the 80/20 rule clearly applies here -- you may get about 80 per cent of the value from his program with his books and perhaps tapes and CDs (maybe purchased inexpensively -- try Ebay!). If you wish to go the whole way -- spending more money -- you will gain additional value and insights, which may give you a true competitive edge. Then again, you could call Sonny, offer him some money for consulting services, and probably get a whole lot more value, especially if he matches his offerings specifically with what you need.

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Sonny Lykos said...

Another source is Nightingale-Conant where I located and bought my set of CDs: