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Monday, December 03, 2007

Cold Calling -- Knowing the topic.

Here is an illustrative email exchange between myself and Dan Caldwell of Stout and Caldwell Engineers in New Jersey.

My comment to him:

Regarding cold calls, I believe they indeed effective if they are purposeful and not 'rote'. Unfortunately, many cold call assignments are ill-planned and the people tasked with the work are often 'grinders' just trying to make a living. Cold calls can certainly be useful for gathering information.

I like to systematize things so that (a) either the offer is irresistibly good or (b) the person called is warmed up sufficiently, usually through a referred relationship or (c) both (the best).
His response:

Correct, cold callers typically impose no thought into their call. Its a basic numbers game for them. The more crap they sling the higher chance of success they have. The problem is that if they hit a very good prospect and cannot really talk the talk, the company could be perceived in a poor light. On top of that, the opportunity is lost.

Excellent point!

1 comment:

Alexander said...

I agree that cold calling can work, however you have to have the right balance.