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Monday, December 17, 2007

An idea from South Africa

I'll let the original poster, Marc Ashton say this in his own words:

We have recently taken on a new client in the construction Project Management arena and they came up with a really unique way of acknowledging their clients and key staff as part of their communications / marketing strategy.

In a nutshell what they did was ask us to design three hand drawn construction scenes and then super-impose caricature faces of key staff and customers into the scene. It was quite nice in that you could have the Customers "key man" fiendishly pouring the cement mixer onto the hapless Project Manager and the Financial Manager pulling her hair out at these shenanigans. It creates a really nice vibe for a small Corporate Gift in either a Calendar or framed Wall Picture format. Without talking my own book too much it does make a nice quirky and personal gift that a client can appreciate and you get to emphasise some of their hobbies and character habits.
Not sure if this works for me, but then again, the idea of personalizing and designing something that 'connects' to your clients in a highly individual way has a lot of appeal and is probably worth the money. If so, feel free to contact Rival Industrial at or Marc Ashton by email at


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

It's amazing what you find when you Google your own name!

Thanks for posting this.

This was a fun project to run with and I think it was nice and personal. Probably not for everyone but nice for some variety.

What we've found works quite well is full sized individual caricatures (More detail) that can be put into the workplace.

Alternatively caricatures like this can work really well in the Education environment (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality) education on a construction site for example.

Thanks again for the posting!

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Marc, thanks for writing. The Internet truly internationalzes business. I'm looking forward to visiting South Africa in the next couple of years. I couldn't spend more than a week in the country when in Zimbabwe 78-80 because of visa restrictions -- at that time, journalists had to have visas approved in Pretoria. I was granted a one week tourist permit; but got around the restrictions by visiting Bophuthatswana, then defined as an 'independent' nation by the Apartheid government. So instead of visitng places like Cape Town and Johannesburg, I found myself in . . . Mmabatho, and got a story that coud be published in Canada.

Anonymous said...


We'll I'd like to think that we've improved a bit since then!

It's amazing - I watch CNN and the way that SA is portrayed to the international community sometimes isn't fair. Everyone talks about all the construction and development taking place in China and how cranes litter the skyline etc...

Come to SA and you will not believe the boom we are going through. We have plenty of quirks including shoddy electrical and road systems but the construction boom we are going through at the moment is phenomenal!