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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some effective signs

Jeff Wackerly of Blackstone Builders in Portland OR, has two signs, one for building and the other for renovation projects. He asked members of a forum which sign would look best as part of an in-branch bank display promoting his renovation business. The consensus: The first version -- showing the single home -- would work best.

Look at these site signs originally posted by Jeff Wackerly of Blackstone Builders (Portland, OR), on He's the renovator whose bank wanted to promote his business with an in-branch marketing display. He then requested and received suggestions -- including design suggestions for his bank site display -- on the thread. (See previous blog entry). The bank is now even more excited about the proposal and is preparing to give the display additional prominence.
And one of the forum readers, seeing the thread, printed out a copy of the thread and set-up/design, took it into his own bank. This is what happened:

After reading this, I printed out a little bit of this discussion and took it in to our bank (WAMU). The manager was not there, but the assistant was and he was getting more and more excited as we talked. He will present it to the manager tomorrow when he gets back. WAMU has 16 branches in our "region" and I think their is a good shot at getting in all of them. I will keep you posted, but this looks very good!

Oh yeah, we would modify the display to show off granite countertops, since that is what we sell. Also, I have a cabinet guy who wants to get involved and show off his cabinets underneath the countertops!

THANKS for the idea!

This is an example of the amazing collaborative and resourceful idea-sharing on specialized Internet forums.

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