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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Mission Statement (3)

Mike Finley, of Rocky Mountain Bathrooms, based in Littletown, Colorado, has developed and posted his company's Mission Statement in a logical and highly relevant location -- on its employment/job offer page. See this relevant posting in a thread on the forum.

Our Companies' Core Purpose
To be a valued partner to our customers by providing them with a means to make improvements to their quality of life through purchasing the services we provide.
Our Company Core Values
To serve our customers, to serve our employees, to serve our company.
To act with integrity and always be ethical with our customers and our employees.
Have respect for the individual growth and success of our employees.
To always be the leader in our field by intelligently
combining traditional, tried-and-true construction practices with new and innovative high-quality processes and materials.
To generate a reasonable profit proportional to the value provided to our customers.
This is really well thought. Again, mission statements are meaningless unless they are truly reflected in business practices -- certainly our 'old' mission statement (see my original entry here) remained in our newspapers despite many business operational flaws where we failed to live up to its values.

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