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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Maybe the survey worked

Bob Kruhm, our North Carolina publisher, sent this email to me tonight:


I’m interested in the survey you sent to NC advertisers. Who received it? On Tuesday I spoke to (client name). She acknowledged receiving your survey and commented it seems a good idea to ask just five questions with an appreciative preface. She plans to copy the survey format for her own clients. I’m surprised you didn't get a response from her....
One of the benefits of your visit in January is to meet our advertisers and get direct feedback. I hope to invite several advertisers to the ASAC Triangle chapter meeting.


I've removed the client's name from the email because we didn't request nor receive her permission to publish it, but obviously I'm happy to see this result.
Notably, my initial test survey (of 500 plus names) received just seven responses; suggesting a zero response to a list of 60 names is in line with expectations. So the survey may actually be 'working' -- it is important to combine it with first-hand client communication and feedback, ideally in an informal and natural way, however.

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