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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life choices

The decisions we make when we are young indeed shape our direction when we are older. They also create our memories, our frame of reference, and our perceptions -- and help define our values.
As this year nears its end, I'm pulling up videos on Youtube recalling Rhodesia in the 70s. My journey there -- to see the end of Rhodesia and the birth of Zimbabwe -- answered questions in my spirit, heart, and intellect.
I learned about war and peace, racism, economic disparity, cynicism and hypocrisy, the limits of the news media in discerning and reporting on the truth, and I discovered the lessons of courage, perception, and common sense. This journey helped to take me out the shell of extreme introversion -- and allowed me to understand that far too many people are either ruled by fear, or allow fear to define their choices.
I also realized that few people apply their understanding and resources to achieve larger dreams; and that (in part because so few actually take the risks), there are more opportunities out there than you can imagine if you are willing to reach beyond your current perspectives.
If you are in the construction buiness, for example, you will find that a rethinking of your pracices to a more marketing rather than "low bid wins the job" orientation will create much opportunity and wealth for you; if you are just starting out, thinking about how you will find and retain clients will do you as much good as developing the required technical expertise within your trade. (But don't get me wrong -- you need to be really good at your craft, or know how to hire/contract with people who are).

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