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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Promoting environmentally friendly homes and cottages

Dean Reads is using the blogging technology to create a simple -- yet effective -- website to promote his eco-friendly cottage/home construction process. His objective: To show how you can build simply, without complex tools or resources, a home/cottage with minimal environmental disruption.

Read's Greenspace Homes and Cottages blog now focuses on the construction process for a prototype vacation rental cottage in Irondale, 2.5 hours drive from Toronto, about 15 minutes east of Kinmount, Ontario and about 20 minutes south of the village of Haliburton. Exterior walls are straw bales -- but supported by other, more conventional building materials and engineered to standards that comply with Canadian building code and insulation requirements.

Read's website includes progress photos, a detailed description of the project origins, cottage rental information, and other updates -- resources to help you understand the project and its quality.

We'll be profiling this project in an upcoming issue of Ontario Construction Report.

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