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Friday, April 13, 2007

How important is the construction industry in the Internet world?

How popular are construction-related sites? I ran a little test with, picking two of the major sites, McGraw-Hill's and, a well regarded and important site for business information within the industry. Then I transposed this ranking with that of the Raleigh News-Observer, a solid newspaper serving the North Carolina capital city region, which, with Durham and Chapel Hill is referred as the Research Triangle, representing its high tech and focus. However, while this is an impressive community and a solid newspaper, it is hardly a national level publication.

Who wins for site traffic -- by far, the News-Observer! (Of course if you ranked the construction sites against the Wall Street Journal or, if really wanted to push it to the limit, to Google or MSN, they would drop off visibility completely.) AECdaily ranks far below but none of the sites I've checked capture anywhere near the visibility of that North Carolina newspaper. Of course our own local newspaper in the Research Triangle, Triangle Construction News has a long way to go to catch up to any of these sites!

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