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Friday, April 06, 2007

More construction-related blogs

Yesterday, two more SMPS members sent me links of to blogs of interest. Consultant Bernie Siben's BuiltEnvironment blog contains some really useful stuff -- though he updates it relatively infrequently. (Thanks to Nancy Usrey of Partners Usrey for reminding me of Bernie's blog.)

Ulrike Ruppelt of Ticular Market Access Consultants sent me an impressive list of potential blogs, I think using her company's data mining and analysis resources. "I have found some -- not sure if these blogs are exciting but here you are -- it would be great if you could let me know which ones you found really good," she wrote to me. I've taken a quick look (she sent the list just a few hours ago) and some of the blogs I fear are auto-generated spam blocks, and some others are rather dry recitations tied to the blogger's commercial/company line.

None of the blogs I've seen yet (including my own) have been able to attract enough readership/traction/passion to generate significant response comments or obvious linkages to other blogs -- the essence of the "blog community" where links and two-way interaction feed the idea exchange and sometimes controversy. Also, many of them are updated relatively infrequently. From this blog's start as an active resource late last year, I've endeavoured to update it virtually every day.

In my case, the lack of comment response may simply relate to numbers -- we are averaging at present about 10 visits per day; perhaps slightly more. This level of readership is fine for me right now. It will grow. And ideas that gestate in this blog, I think are beginning to influence and improve my other writing and the overall business.

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