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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fleeting moment

My article that received a few hours of attention on has been relegated to the regular place in the Internet universe. During its few fleeting hours of fame, it received about 215 'reads' from around the world. Now it is back to the regular world . . . with so many things competing for so many eyes, no wonder few receive much attention.

Consider this -- someone set up a site to list the top 150 marketing blogs. We won't count the thousands who don't ever make the list. That is the reality of Internet marketing. If you hit the jackpot, you receive unbelievable amounts of international attention, incredibly rapidly (and very inexpensively). But of course you need to 'hit the jackpot'.

Realistically, most readers of this blog neither need nor want to hit the Internet jackpot -- at least as far as their regular business is concerned. You need to reach a very specific and defined group of people, and let them know you provide the services they need. Right now, for example, I am working with a building supply service who has allocated significant local marketing budget to our Ottawa newspaper. They don't advertise in the daily paper, and really aren't interested in all but a (very specialized) segment of the general public or 'retail' market. The company's owner does not hide in the shadows -- you can call him personally, and he will take your call (this is a business that sells more than $500 million each year.) If you look for a corporate website or public relations specialist you will come up empty. The reason: They simply don't need nor want public attention from everyone on the web (though their subsidiary businesses have their own appropriate websites).

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