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Monday, April 02, 2007

"An entrepreneur outlines 10 points for success. They are quite creative."

This reference comes from a self-referral from It occurs after I sent it to Digg after eight people at (without any help from me) said they 'liked it' and three put my writing on their favorites list. My article, in fact, made it to the front page on scribed and has achieved overnight top 3 to 5 ranking.

What does this have to do with construction marketing? Well, the answer is nothing, but everything. My newly popular article is a general business piece, not something specific to construction marketing. And whether it is digged or scribed, or whatever, means very little (at least immediately) in attracting business.

But wait.... something is happening here to the way news, ideas, and thoughts are communicated through the immense power and immediacy of the new media. This blog, the online articles, and our bi-weekly newsletter still are distant from our primary day-to-day revenue sources (and by no means are state-of-the-art). Nevertheless, they are windows into the future; of discovery, adventure, surprises, and new ideas.

As it stands, since my writing achieved front page attention at late on Sunday, more than 140 people around the world have viewed it -- and it is the middle of the night in the eastern North America time zone. I noticed someone had looked at the article from Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam). Here are where the five most recent viewers originated:

141. Mon Apr 02 03:59:46 CDT 2007 :
Holbrook, NY (USA)
140. Mon Apr 02 03:51:24 CDT 2007 :
Volgograd, 84 (Russian Federation)
139. Mon Apr 02 03:49:10 CDT 2007 :
Hong Kong
138. Mon Apr 02 03:48:55 CDT 2007 :
Cairo, 11 (Egypt)
137. Mon Apr 02 03:39:31 CDT 2007 :
Rundstorp, 16 (Sweden)

Wild, eh. Within minutes of becoming a 'hit' -- because a few readers really liked it -- suddenly people everywhere in the world are reading it. This indeed is a different way to communicate.

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