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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Healing and new home sales

This morning, I am going to travel in two very different universes, which however come together in the realm of practicality.

First, here is my promised report on motivational speaker Nicki Joy's advice for new home sellers.

Next, I invite you to listen to this podcast with intuitive counsellor/healer Avery Kanfer.

Kanfer travels in the world between practicality and spirituality -- in the realm of 'what you believe, you will be'. So does Nicki Joy. The difference is in the frame of reference -- Nicki of course is more on the practical side of the spectrum, Kanfer tends to the spiritual.

Both, however, appreciate that both elements are essential to the complete picture.

Kanfer, for example, talks about feeling safe, free from fear, and ready to accept new ideas. The interviewer says, but what about the situations where someone has experienced real and valid danger and fear -- perhaps childhood abuse, or an assault, or something genuinely bad but very real. Kanfer's response -- it depends on how much you really want to change; how much you really want to overcome the fears.

Nicki of course is more nuts-and-bolts in her advice; but underneath it she essentially is saying that you need to believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed.

What can you take from these observations? If you are truly ready for change, for success, for real accomplishment, you will discover some amazing things in yourself and capture the inner belief that leads to your vision. But you will also likely find your answers through practical and real insights and learning. So, indeed, Kanfer and Joy both have it right -- though from totally different perspectives.

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