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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Internet -- here, it makes sense to advertise (properly)

It may seem unusual that, while my business earns more than 90 per cent of its revenue from print advertising, I don't rush to recommend it as a new client marketing priority to most construction businesses. Adverting certainly has its place in the marketing spectrum-- for example, in "support ads" for company profiles. Here, you are advertising to maintain and enhance your client relationship (and the client profile has very valid marketing value for their organization as well as yours). If you are well established in the marketplace, as well, an ongoing print campaign within your community area can be a very valid and useful resource to maintain your market position. But, with some very careful exceptions, I'm less confident about the value of conventional print advertising to attract NEW clients. So, when someone calls me and asks to advertise, I always check the reason and, when appropriate (and it is often appropriate!) I encourage them to put their money into trade association memberships, public relations strategies, or -- if they have the understanding and knowledge to do it -- the Internet.

The "understanding and knowledge" qualification is important because someone not at all familiar with the electronic media has a major learning curve, and must be wary of the marketing charlatans and pitfalls out there. If you are reading this blog, you probably however fit into the group where Internet advertising can work and should be part of your marketing plan. The reason -- you can control, manage, measure, quantify, and ensure your advertising is effective and profitable in manners that other media simply cannot compare.

I am aspiring to expert knowledge in this topic; that is why I will be attending the Future of Online Advertising Conference in New York in June. In the meantime, I will share in future blog entries some examples of how online advertising can work for your business or professional practice. Please feel free to share your questions or insights either through the comment function or by email to

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